Program at Queens Park Daycare, New WestminsterProgram

Sometimes we get asked about our program. What kinds of activities do we do with the children?

The answer changes all the time. We strive to incorporate every child’s needs and interests into the activities that we do and ideas that we explore.

Children learn by doing. Playing by themselves, with other children and with a variety of materials encourages exploration, curiosity, imagination, memory development, language and social skills, basic scientific concepts, and an understanding of the world around them.

We have a regular routine that includes being outdoors at least twice per day, story time, naptime and other structured activities. However, the projects that we do and themes that we investigate are up to the children. In the past we have raised butterflies from egg until adulthood (then released them), participated in gymnastics classes and gone on field trips to educational destinations such as Science World and the Vancouver Aquarium.

At Queen’s Park Daycare, we strive to:

  • Allow children to explore the world around them
  • Create outlets of self-expression through creative play
  • Support each child’s physical, emotional and social development
  • Teach problem-solving and inquiry skills
  • Facilitate cooperation, sharing and empathy
  • Broaden experiences through music, drama & stories
  • Build social skills through dramatic play and role playing